Closing the loops between what was and what can be

We say it often: It's important to close the loop. But what do we mean? For well over a century, we have provided mission critical services to America’s food industry, taking the by-products from 19th and 20th century meat-packers and converting them into soaps, animal feeds and fertilizers. Over the decades, we have evolved to where our innovative spirit has built a diverse and sophisticated product portfolio. In everything we do, from collecting raw material to processing and marketing value added finished ingredients, we close the loops between what was and what can be. 

In moving our company forward, we continue to be guided by our core values: entrepreneurship, transparency and integrity. With these values deeply rooted in our culture, we have been able to transform ourselves into a leading global ingredients company. These same values ensure we maintain the family heritage and culture that built our company from its beginnings. For us, respect for the environment and a commitment to the development of sustainable natural ingredients are the foundation on which our company is built. In true entrepreneurial fashion, we continuously look for new and better ways to optimize nutrition and health - for both people and animals - and to minimize our environmental impact, all while creating value for our shareholders.

Ten Percent More Renewable Energy

We take seriously our commitment to develop innovative solutions to the world's energy needs.  

This is evidenced by our investment in a joint venture with Valero Energy Corporation to construct North America’s largest renewable diesel plant, and our facility in the Netherlands which is providing renewable energy for local communities. We believe the development and production of renewable fuels and energy can lessen society's demand for fossil fuels. To further our commitment, we have set a corporate goal to produce at least 10% more renewable fuel and renewable energy in 2015 as compared to 2014. We are happy to announce we exceeded that goal, once again demonstrating our belief that nature has more to offer than society currently uses. 

Randall C. Stuewe
Chief Executive Officer
Darling Ingredients Inc.


View our 2014 vs 2015 renewable energy production results: