Our core values: Entrepreneurship, transparency and integrity

They don’t define WHAT we do, but HOW we do it


As a global leader in the sustainable natural ingredients industry, our high public profile demands openness and honesty. This is reflected in our core values: entrepreneurship, transparency and integrity. These values are the foundation of what this company stands for and how its people behave. Our core values, as explained below, ensure that everyone – employees, customers, investors, shareholders and suppliers – know what they can expect from us. 

ENTREPRENEURSHIP comes from within.  We are always looking for innovative ways to move our company forward. This embodies the way our people regard their position and their impact on our success, creating value for the organization and our stakeholders. We are a rich blend of people, with diverse layers of experience and knowledge, who are shaping our company's future in every corner of the world.

Entrepreneurship in action: Developing solutions for the restaurant industry             


TRANSPARENCY in our business culture.  Transparency and integrity go hand-in-hand. As a publicly-traded company, we must comply with financial reporting requirements. A transparent business culture also builds the confidence our employees need to work together for our company's success, and we depend on our employees to "speak up" if they notice something that can harm our, or their, integrity. Transparency is equally important in our daily activities, as we show our customers, suppliers and investors what we stand for and how we conduct business. We are accountable – morally and legally – for our actions, products and services. 

Transparency in action: SMETA program shares our values with customers


INTEGRITY in the workplace. Integrity means being honest, open, professional and trustworthy - in other words, treating others with respect. By expecting our employees to act with integrity, it not only helps ensure a harmonious work environment, but holds our company to the highest scale of ethical conduct. These values and expectations are recorded in our "Code of Conduct" (published on our darlingii.com website) so that everyone - employees, customers, investors, shareholders and suppliers - know what they can expect from us.